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The adage, "Necessity is the mother of all invention" can not be more true than in the case of CRUVEN Injectable Suspension Rebuilding System, a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary auto suspension repair system invented by a simple Filipino car enthusiast in the person of Mr. Claro D. Cruz which has taken the car owning public by storm.

Driven by his innate talents and unyielding passion for cars and car parts, Mr. Cruz has come up with the common Filipino's answer to the ever rising cost of maintaining one's vehicle- the patented "CRUVEN" auto suspension rebuilding methodology.

CRUVEN is a revolutionary auto shop that specializes in under-chassis and suspension repair using its own breakthrough technology, the inject-able suspension rebuilding system. It provides a new, more affordable and better way in car care and maintenance. This system is used to rebuild different suspension parts.

The breakdown of the suspension spare parts results to (a) difficulty in handling of the vehicle; and (b) uncomfortable ride and annoying rattles, knocking and squeaking noises.

Using our patented Injectable Suspension Rebuilding System, CRUVEN offers an inexpensive and proven way of rebuilding your car's suspension spare parts, restoring it to its former glory!

As a testament to its ingenuity, affordability and most of all, proven dependability, the "CRUVEN" injectable suspension rebuilding system has rapidly enjoyed a "cult" following not only among car enthusiasts, but also among the driving public in general. Among our satisfied clients are MUNICH, XAVIERVILLE and BASIC taxicab fleets desiring to attract more clientele with the restored smooth and quiet ride of its taxicabs.. Equally satisfied are our regular racing enthusiasts and numerous car clubs.

This ever increasing demand for the special kind of service and product that we offer has led us to branch out all over the Metropolitan Manila area, specifically, in Quezon City, Makati City, Paranaque City and the City of Cavite. Plans have also been made for the opening of other CRUVEN branches in Angeles City, Bacolod City, and even as far as the City of Tagbilaran, in the province of Bohol.

CRUVEN is relevant to the Philippine scenario because (a) cars are kept longer by car owners in the Philippines as compared to the American and Japanese car owners; and (b) due to the country's generally bad road condition, suspension spare parts tend to wear out faster.

The good news is that the CRUVEN technology is applicable to practically all types of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs, and to all types of models, whether it be Japanese, American or European. We cater to people from all walks of life!

Take advantage of our special technology and try our quality service, a cost-effective alternative to buying expensive brand new suspension spare parts. We guarantee savings of up to 70% .

Confident of the durability of its reconditioned suspension spare parts, CRUVEN also gives up to a one (1) year warranty. Just remember, when it comes to auto suspension repair, CRUVEN IS PROVEN!



From the time Cruven started offering their one of a kind service to the public, it immediately caught the eye of many people especially car enthusiasts who knew the importance and great potential of CRUVEN'S Injectable Suspension Rebuilding System.

CRUVEN caters to a wide variety of customers which include all types of motorists, and its technology is applicable to all types of vehicles.

CRUVEN is very well represented in the motor sports industry. We sponsored our own team and was able to put our technology to the test via numerous legs of slalom and autocross races. Our technology did well and we were able to prove its strength and durability. More importantly, it helped to improve the performance of the cars that were being used, and there was a significant change in the handling and mobility of the newly "CRUVENIZED" vehicles. This was made possible by a combination of procedures, namely the fabrication and installation of polyurethane bushings, restoration and adjustment of shock absorber stiffness, and customized under chassis conversions, all CRUVEN innovations. Our service and technology is very affordable, and because of this, we have been able to oopen the doors for those people who would like to have the feel of performance suspension parts for their cars. The only difference is, we provide that to you for a fraction of the cost.

Again, our service is for everybody, and the best thing about it is that you can customize it to your own preference.


We also offer our services to companies for the suspension maintenance of their fleet.


We extend our services to other shops so that they can also take advantage of CRUVEN'S technology by being able to offer it as an option to their customers in their shops. We continue to entertain other shops which are interested. Other shops gain advantage because we do all the work for them.

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